Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bullshit in any language is Bullshit

Let's take a journey on the convoluted "back engineering" concept of Mz Liar.

I would first like to ask just where did you do you scientific analyse and back engineer this man you claim is crist?

Do you have a secret laboratory where you can compare DNA evidence and take samples of blood ,sputum, semen, stool and a urinalysis samples?

Did you take fingernail and toenail samples? Are there hair strands?

Does his blood match the blood on the supposed shroud of Turin?

Where did you get your degree in forensic science?
With what equipment did you perform this analysis?
Where are the fact sheets from your scientific studies and where are the test results for said tests?

Why are they not published anywhere?

Where are the testimonies of the Doctors and Scientists who helped you "back engineer" a man that is thousands of miles away from you?

Were samples sent through the mail because if so they could be compromised if they were not sent in the proper equipment for transporting samples across the oceans...

Lets pretend you have degrees in all the fields you claim...

Where did you obtain your training to be a crime fighter / engineer/ Founder of baking soda and water for PH/Cancer and aids cure founder/private eye/computer hacker/detective/reporter/musician/poodle saver/pajama clad running the streets at midnight and spooking the working stiffs enlightener of the masses/fighter of the evil queen and pope<Yeah what's up with your change of (OOPS I ALMOST SAID HEART)lol mind about your feces queen?

Phew you sure are busy for someone who sits on a computer day and night....

I have heard some shit in my day but you certainly take the cake on you mountain of bullshit.

(system, product, design)reverse engineering - The process of analysing an existing system to identify its components and their interrelationships and create representations of the system in another form or at a higher level of abstraction. Reverse engineering is usually undertaken in order to redesign the system for better maintainability or to produce a copy of a system without access to the design from which it was originally produced.

For example, one might take the executable code of a computer program, run it to study how it behaved with different input and then attempt to write a program oneself which behaved identically (or better). An integrated circuit might also be reverse engineered by an unscrupulous company wishing to make unlicensed copies of a popular chip.

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