Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bully's for Cheezits...


TheJerseyGuido Lisa Brison is a Career 

Criminal and Child Predator watch?v=4t0_BZy


what colin it was your mistake uploading this on the 22nd, 

you will pay for what you do. i told you to stop fucking with 

us. bye bye. lisa don't even think of talking to me directly. 

toodle pip! LOL Lisa lying about your Pedo Dox now I see? 

Nothing Made up about your mugshot which was made 

public record Lisa Brison is a Career Criminal and Child 

Predator watch?v=4t0_BZy5IRY I thought you were smart, 

but clearly you've gone off the deep end and border the 

lines of being insane hey pagan didn't you ever watch 

supernatural lulz haha is/is will reflect whatever bullshit you 

throw at her so keep digging your grave golem guess what 

colin it was your mistake uploading this on the 22nd, you will 
pay for what you do. i told you to stop fucking with us. bye 

bye. lisa don't even think of talking to me directly. toodle pip! 

Shut up you lying sack of shit, you wanted to sleep with me 

and marry me<LMFAO WHAT A LIAR

 Have you cleaned your teeth yet, you fat red 

neck. or have you given up on life trying to seak more old 

men from Australia you offer to have sex with? Oh yeah I 

would reject you too you fat phale, oh I heard you're typing 

on the same laptop of the man you bash 24/7 ? lol You 

have serious mental issues, anyone with rotting teeth that dares 

to smile in photos seriously mentally unstabled Lisa Lisa 


you will be made an example of of unfortunately No No 


you're the mentally unstabled Freak. See Jonbenet Ramsey? 

haha I'm a free man can't you see? There's nothing you can 

do to stop whats coming to you, ENJOY The COLD October 

REIGNZ Enjoy The COLD October Reignz Lisa Marie Brison 

You have not yet one clue about what MONTAGRAPH will do 

to you You have been very very naughty, we plan to show 

the whole class what you've been up to The messages you 

have sent, who you've been talking to the whole 9 Isn't that 

neat?  Oh you've got that right, now isn't that neat? A 

Simple Montagraph Agent Search in google will pull over 

100,000 result hahaha Lisa Marie Brison, do you understand 

what's about to come your way? lol Lisa did your friend "

Colin" tell you one of his family members went missing this 

week? Or has he not realized that yet? You're next Lisa 

Marie Brison, we warned you Lisa. We Warned you We told 

you, cease from your slander, cease from your mentally 

unstabled doings Now you're going to have to deal with the 

prodigy of all prodigys Don't worry, all your stuff being wiped 

out off the net as I type this You're going to see what 

happens to red necks who think they're computer savy You 

had fun with Anthony right, but I was his teacher. Now sit 

back and watch what happens You think you can go toe to 

toe with the great one and not be handed one ? Let your 

friends take you for an example and let them see what 

happens with you Don't worry all your shit gone today, 

100% guaranteed  Hey it's my pleasure, go and report me. 

And find out who you're dealing with Lisa don't you get it? 

Look at my avi, that's going to be for you. You're going to 

be made an example of - Cory C Pulling the plug on you 

today, I told you. But you keep insisting, make sure you 

learn a good lesson from all this. You think it's a joke, I got 

you. Since I keep seeing your mug everywhere You're next, 

see you guys had fun with Anthony right But I'm the one 

that has the last say if you even exist on the internet watch?

v=PTeDUVcPw84 Poor Lisa Marie, I still see you haven't 

learned your lesson. Here's you plea, "I will stalk and flag 

videos 24/7 but when they retaliate on me I will cry to the 

police". Don't hurt Lisa Maries mind it's illegal Ya'll He really 

is serious when he say's he's getting rid of all of your 

accounts today lol And your account is gone today 


you for submitting your report. This is the issue you 

reported: Harassment and cyberbullying

This is about the worst case of cyber staking I have ever come across in all my years.

This cult of Sherrie Lea Liard and Brian Marshall bullshit  

they threaten you stalk you and harass you and threaten to kill you and make your family members disappear these fucking criminals need to be behind bars.

This is a public record of their threats and intimidation and
their out right slander and defamation of many youtube users

this NAZI cult of foreigners trying to invade our country  through their political  religious PROPAGANDA of out right lies and deception and threats of bodily harm.Not only do they threaten us but they threaten the POPE and forged the out going popes signature and faked a face book account in his name and got caught in the forgery.

They hate jews ,they hate blacks,women and gays and ordered the murder of anyone who does not believe this ROYAL BLIGHT is the christ....HE IS NOT CHRIST LIKE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. they hate anyone who does not conform to their belief system AND THREATEN with violence all opponents.They drop peoples documents and make videos bullying people until they leave youtube .This is bullshit and this is a record for LEGAL PURPOSES.

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