Saturday, August 24, 2013

Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you

Russel Crowe is in the process of making a movie on Mr Hicks and is in the process of interviewing his family and his girlfriends. you can search it.

these are foreigners working with Americans to infiltrate and destroy the truth movement.

they are paid trolls.

media matters has offices all over the world.

the main culprit's sister fled the family home said terrorists were there (she was movie star starred in dexter there are videos on yt about it) they locked her up and labeled her bipolar.
Mabel   many articles about it and videos.

disinformation station should be their channels names.... disinfo agents ....sirens of decay

LIARS that stalk me night and day..publishing my personal information to the internet making craigs lists ads in hopes someone comes and rapes me and murders me...the have no morals and no shame putting all their fuckery out in the open for everyone to see. 

they are nazis dude...neo nazis their cult is all over neonazi sites saying hitler loved jesus and all this shit...

foreign nazi fake god whos girlfriends name is hore Führer<I SHIT YOU NOT....

  • Her name is Hore Furrer ... FOR REAL BUT I SEE NO DIFFERENCE FOR ~ realZ :)

she wants AJ's head on a platter cherry was supposed to get the infowars reporter job and infiltrate to get "brians message out"and possibly take his head for crazy HORE FUHRER(video fact)

when she failed to secure the job they faked the documents to molly maroney

she was his biggest fan and then turned on him when he spurned her. And blocked her because of her constant spamming and annoyance.She was disrupting business.

she got friendly with a guy who does pictures for AJ and was talking to him every night saying AJ sent people to her house to spy on her and shit....shes out of her mind.

they operate out of each others accounts and have literally hundred of soc accounts. they get booted and they just make another account...LOOK  and see how many Cherry lea liar`d accounts there are... its staggering...these are her accounts as far as I can see
AlexJonesWorx4Israel chrisblakk sherrielealaird BrianYahwehStalkers CancerScam666 dudezones1 dudezones2 dudezones5 Duffel Gillespie Filesharex Yahweh8In8Da8House LairdKezia PSIArmy SherAndBlakk SherrieNBrianFanClub dudezones3 townsendPI Anonamuse1 SherrieLeaLaird1 MsSherrieLea SherrieLea BustsCIA SherrieLeaNEWS BrianISGOD1 BlakkforPublishing SherrieLeaDemos Sherrie Lea TheHandymanChris RootCanalsAreCANCER SherryInfowarsNews 

Id like you to also know that the Hore/Führer is sitting in Rome as we speak theHore is sitting on the hills of Rome. (hi fake jebus Nazi old crazy man) 

they even like charlie manson. Hes claiming the throne is his and wants 20% of Vatican money <fake jebus wants blood money......forged the popes signature made fake documents , <supposedly by the pope... made up this bullshit story how he had to go to Rome to save the Nazi pope who was being held hostage by the new pope and took their stupids sheeps money to go on wine tours in Rome. 

when we called them on it they attacked us spammed us harassed us and PRETENDED TO BE US , they threatened and doxed us and continue to do so to this day.

they took down channels to do it. they used spambots (slave labor to do so) 

all because we exposed them for the criminals they are.

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